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Walking with Mom’s in Need is hosting a baby shower and bottle drive for the Hope Pregnancy Resource Center through Sunday, May 26. 

Donations Needed: Newborn to 6T clothing with the greatest need for Boys clothing size 3T-6T, Diapers size 5 & 6, Food Pantry items, Baby & adult toiletry items, in date car seats.

Please pick up a bottle in the Narthex to fill with change, cash, or checks made out to Hope Pregnancy Resource Center.

Wilderness Adventure through the Sacraments

June 10-14

If you rising k-5 students that you wish to attend Vacation Bible School June 10-14 from 8:30 am to 1pm, please register here.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with Vacation Bible School June 10-14 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm, please register here.

Come spend an hour with Jesus! Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament begins on Fridays at 9 am and closes on Saturday at 8 am. We need Guardians! Please contact the office if you would like more information.

 Sat. 05/18/24 S. 4 pm                                                                        Mary & Mary Margaret Sauer +
Requested by / Solicitado porJim & Mary Ruetten
Sun 05/19/24; D. 8 amPedro Genao +
Requested by / Solicitado porAna Filpo
Sun. 05/19/24; D. 10 amRev. Mr. Dale Lister +
Requested by / Solicitado porDale Lister
Mon. 05/20/24  L. 10 amLlyod Heiser +
Requested by / Solicitado porPatrick Heiser
Tues. 05/21/24  L. 10 amMaryann Heiser +
Requested by / Solicitado porPatrick Heiser
Wed. 05/22/24  L. 10 amThomas Johnson +
Requested by / Solicitado porPatrick Heiser
Thur. 05/23/24; 10 amEleanor P. Panter +
Requested by / Solicitado por:David Panter
Fri. 05/24/24 V.  10 amEileen Brackey +
Requested by / Solicitado por:Patrick Heiser